Diversity+ Charter

The Charter is primarily intended for ECEC directors to keep up-to-date with the different provisions to conform to in order to consider an ECEC service as “Diversity positive”, and create governance approaches to Diversity inclusion which are benchmarked against robust quality requirements, approaches and best practices from all over Europe. Concretely, the institutional change foreseen includes HR policy and staff training, activities design, facilities offered and children support solutions, towards the full, high-quality inclusion of the little ones, without bias and stereotypes.




Exceptionally, the Charter is available also in Dutch

Diversity Footprint Assessment tool

Based on the European Quality Framework for Early Childood Education and Care, this interactive digital tool is meant to support ECEC officers – often not specialised in diversity inclusion – to assess current services and mostly understand in a visual way the concrete, necessary steps needed to improve their provision. The organizations rated as having an ‘excellent’ Diversity footprint get a Certificate likely to increase the prestige of the organisation itself and encourage others to undertake a similar path.

Diversity + Footprint Assessment Tool Page




Exceptionally, the Footprint Assessment Tool is available also in Dutch

EQF of Diversity Ambassador in ECEC environments

The “European Qualification Framework of Diversity Ambassador in ECEC environments” is expected to improve ECEC HR management, to profile key knowledge, skills and attitudes required to respond to individual and group needs of children from different backgrounds and with special educational exigencies. Specific learning resources complement the EQF profile in order to smoothly develop the role of a Diversity Ambassador: key feature of a diversity positive ECEC provision. Also, the tool eases the readability of the profile, thus ultimately the professionals’ mobility, across Europe.

DOWNLOAD the EQF of Diversity Ambassador in ECEC environments in English

Diversity+ serious game

An interactive serious game is planned for ECEC educators and assistants to help children in recognizing and challenging bias rather than internalizing them, to place a positive value on differences and to treat all people with respect. The learning scenarios are built around common situations arising in everyday dynamics related to discrimination, racism, bias and stereotypes. Learning occurs through experience as players immerse themselves in the game context and make decisions in the first person in order to tackle everyday-life challenges through solidarity, empathy, mutual respect and awareness.

Play our interactive scenarios HERE