This online self-assessment questionnaire has been specifically designed for formal Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services. However, it can also be used by non-formal ECEC provision and/or ECEC programmes.

By utilising this self-assessment Tool, you will be able to identify the critical characteristics of diversity inclusive ECEC, reflect on common practices, and focus on the groups of children and families who are often excluded or discriminated against. Additionally, we hope you will be inspired to engage with children, families, colleagues, and staff to transform your ECEC into a fully inclusive environment.

The questions will guide you through five key interconnected areas aligned with the European Quality Framework for ECEC (Access; Workforce; Curriculum; Monitoring and evaluation; Governance for diversity inclusion).

How does the Tool work?

In the Tool, each area contains a set of questions. Every response matches your centre’s diversity inclusion footprint level, per area and as a whole. The total footprint level is 100 points. Following the logic of a carbon footprint, please note:  the lower the footprint in each area, the lower the overall footprint. The lower the overall footprint, the more your  service/programme is  a place of equality and diversity inclusion.  Thus, an overall footprint of 30 points is a better score than a footprint of 50 points. Additionally, you have to have a low footprint in each area to be recognised as diversity-inclusive ECEC. 

Once you complete the questionnaire, you will see your score and a graphic presentation of the overall footprint and footprint in each area, thus, how diversity inclusive your ECEC is, what your areas of strength are, and where you need to improve your policies and practices.

Choose to register on the Diversity+ website and access links to resources and examples of inspiring practices from the EU and beyond that can help you improve your policies and practices. In addition, part of your feedback will reference specific sections of the Diversity+ Charter and additional reading material to highlight policies and practices indicative of diversity-inclusive ECEC services/programmes that you can adopt.


Plus, once your provision is rated with a diversity footprint of 25 points or less overall and in each area, and you do not have more than one answer per area representing 5 points of the footprint, you will be able to download the Diversity+ certificate.  This certificate will state that according to this self-assessment, your centre/programme is an Aspiring Diversity Inclusion Champion in the field of ECEC.


Your responses will remain anonymous and will be used only to inform you about the diversity inclusiveness of your service/programme. You will be able to download your results and keep them as a record of your progress.

It will take you about 10 - 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

We hope that you will enjoy the process and that it will motivate you to keep on working on making your ECEC more inclusive and respectful of diversity. As we all know, this is a constant journey of learning, discovery, and becoming the best place for all children and adults to thrive.

Before you start

Think about your ECEC setting as a whole, not about individual practices!


Reflect on your motivation for using the Tool: What do you want to learn and achieve?

What are you going to do with the results?

Are you ready to take on any needed steps to become more diversity-inclusive?

Remind yourself that this is a self-assessment tool to help you critically reflect on your provisions’ inclusiveness, celebrate your successes, and transform your ECEC service/programme into a safe and inspiring environment for all children, families, and staff.

You can work on the questionnaire by yourself or with your colleagues and use this opportunity for group reflection and discussions. You can also use the results to engage in discussion with other stakeholders too and develop plans for further development.